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Bawe Island, The Ultimate Zanzibar Luxury

An island of over 30 hectares, which boasts only 70 exclusive villas within its lush and wild nature, all equipped with private pool and butler service, wide spaces available for all Guests and a landing platform for helicopters, giving the chance to experience a fast transfer from Stone Town or scenic sightseeing tours admiring breathtaking landscapes.
A charming 'the island within the island' concept which guarantees the maximum privacy and exclusivity, but at the same time conveniently located in front of Stone Town to enjoy and discover all the main attractions and surprising local excursions.

Bawe Island - Zanzibar - Highlights.png

Feel the luxury vibes of Bawe Island in every leaf, every detail, and every second of well-being.

 Bawe Island - Zanzibar - Tanzania

Let yourself be transported to our African contemporary sanctuary of exclusivity and luxury. Here, space becomes the ultimate luxury, with only 70 meticulously crafted wide villas ensuring an intimate experience.

Ensuring complete privacy, akin to having the entire island to yourself, is a promise. Our unparalleled 5-star hospitality then crafts your stay into an extraordinary 'island within the island' experience— truly unique across the entire African continent.


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