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Watersports & Diving

Bawe Island boasts the most complete and full equipped Diving & Watersport in all Zanzibar, managed by WATERSPORTS MISSION.
From shore to shore and sunset to sunrise, get up close to the Indian Ocean and send your adrenaline racing.
Bawe island resort awaits with thrilling adventures and unlimited possibilities: our experienced instructors offer a wide range of motorized and non-motorized watersports that suite your taste for adventure, as well as a complete sel
ection of exciting activities for children and families to enjoy.


Diving Centre

Bawe’s Reef is considered one of the most breathtaking in Zanzibar, featuring a unique dive spot: its waters are home to an extraordinary range of tropical fish and marine life, easily explored even for beginner-level divers.

Dive Mission will take you into an exciting journey into the world of diving, specifically crafted for those taking their first plunge beneath the waves. Discover the fundamentals of buoyancy control and rhythmic breathing, ensuring a comfortable and serene dive experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of coral gardens, encounter captivating marine life, and learn the basics of underwater photography to capture the enchantment below the surface. Experienced divers, join us in exploring ocean depths—navigate caverns, witness deep-sea majesty, and uncover advanced techniques. Discover specialized equipment insights and thrilling dive destinations. Dive into the advanced diver's odyssey, unlocking mysteries for those mastering the art of underwater adventure!

Dive Mission operates as SSI (Scuba School International).


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